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Drum Vents & Valves Air Purification

drum vents and valves air cleaning

Air Cleaning Solutions for Drum Vents & Valves

The Electrocorp EZ Flow is an industrial air filter designed to adsorb hazardous airborne chemicals, gases and odors and protect the contents of a drum vent from environmental contaminants. When solvents and other chemicals are either poured into or extracted from a 5-55 gallon drum, air is displaced. This causes dangerous contaminated air to either be expelled from the bung hole or drawn into the drum. When the EZ Flow industrial air filter is screwed into the standard thread of the bung hole, the displaced air is forced through a particulate filter and a thick 9" carbon air filter where the gases, VOCs and odors are safely adsorbed. As with all Electrocorp gas and odor units, our powerful standard carbon blend will be effective on most chemicals, however there are some complex gases which require specialized carbon or impregnation. Consult one of our air quality experts for a specific recommendation.