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EZ Flow Air Scrubbing for Drum Vents

Adsorb hazardous airborne gases and odors & protect the contents of a drum vent from environmental contaminants.

When solvents and other chemicals are either poured into or extracted from a 5-55 gallon drum, air is displaced. This causes dangerous contaminated air to either be expelled from the bung hole or drawn into the drum. The EZ Flow is screwed into the standard thread of the bung hole, the displaced air is forced through a particulate filter and a thick 9” activated carbon bed where many gases, VOCs and odors are safely adsorbed.

Ez Flow Specification details

High impact PVC
4 lb. activated carbon filter
Inlet & outlet to 10 microns filters
Dimensions: 20”(h) x 7”(d)

The E-Z Flow valve is shipped partially assembled. The caps are installed onto the body assembly which has been filled with carbon media. To assemble refer to the diagram. You will be able to rely on your sense of smell to determinate breakthrough. When this happens you will notice a very strong odor meaning the carbon can no long adsorb. The carbon at this point must be changed with the spent carbon being
discarded in compliance with your local regulations.
Air Scrubber for Air Vents - EZ Flow by Electrocorp