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About Us

electrocorp about us

Established in 1985, Electrocorp offers one of the most comprehensive lines of industrial air cleaners and air filtration equipment. With advanced technical knowledge and the largest industrial air filtration catalog in the industry, Electrocorp provides effective, innovative and cost-efficient air quality management solutions to reduce your client’s liability and lower operating costs. Our specialized industrial air filtration systems use only proven technology to remove even the most complex chemicals, gases, odors and particles, ensuring that air quality exceeds environmental requirements. Our industrial air filtration products are ideal for assessments that involve:

  • OSHA and Environmental Compliance
  • Air Quality Control
  • LEED Certification
  • Emission Control
  • Waste Management
  • Wastewater Treatment

Known for their powerful multistage filtration systems with deep beds of activated carbon, the largest chemical-adsorbent surfaces, custom carbon blends, advanced HEPA particle filters and UV technology, Electrocorp air cleaners can tackle virtually any indoor air quality concerns at the workplace.

The high-performance industrial air cleaners provide versatile and effective solutions for hundreds of airborne chemicals and odors, including disinfectants, diesel fumes, welding fumes, industrial wastes, medicinal odors, ozone, smoke and many more.


Industrial and commercial applications

Every business is unique, and Electrocorp knows that every IAQ challenge is just as unique. Our air quality experts will help you choose the right air cleaner based on the size of your space, your IAQ concerns, your existing technology, your industry and your budget.

Electrocorp offers efficient, stand-alone and versatile air cleaners as well as custom-built air filtration systems to provide cleaner air for a wide range of industries and applications.