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Rap Series

Portable Industrial Air Purifiers

Electrocorp’s Radial Air Purifiers (RAP) Series air purifiers provide cleaner air anywhere. They remove chemicals, gases and odors as well as particles and other IAQ concerns with a deep-bed activated carbon filter and an electrostatic particle filter or a Super-HEPA.

The powerful filter combination gives these air cleaners one of the largest adsorbent areas in the industry, allowing them to capture odor-causing pollutants more quickly and efficiently.

RAP air cleaners come in many different sizes and can accommodate from 15 up to 120 pound activated carbon filters. They can be customized even more with regards to the filter media and carbon blends.

Quick and Powerful Industrial Air Cleaners

The free-standing, plug-and-go air purifiers benefit from metal mesh housing, a large-volume air intake and robust features. They are engineered for around-the-clock operation with a quiet, modern design for maximum efficiency.

The RAP air cleaners can accommodate a UV lamp for the neutralization of biological contaminants such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses. The RAPs are best for clients who need fast and effective chemical and odor relief.

Recommended industries for RAPs:

  •    Individuals or companies who want a chemical-adsorbent unit, plus UV filtration and particle removal (Odor Control)
  •    Law Enforcement agencies
  •    Art Conservation and restoration
  •    Funeral Homes and Embalming
  •    Hospitals and Healthcare
  •    Laboratories
  •    Laser Engraving and Cutting
  •    Equipment rental places
  •    Retirement Homes
  •    Schools and Universities