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Electrocorp RAP 204 CC Air Purifier

RAP 204 Air Scrubber

Industrial Air Cleaning

The RAP 204 CC Air Scrubber has the smallest footprint of the Rap series. Depending on your needs, the RAP 204 can be be customized for chemical and odor control, particle control or both. Used in many different applications, such as Law Enforcement Evidence Rooms.

The radial air purifiers extract dust & fumes from 360 degrees, effectively cleaning the air in all directions at once, with low noise levels. This industrial air cleaner also features a welded steel cage around the air purifier to prevent damage in a rough work environment.

Electrocorp's radial air purifiers are the next generation in industrial/commercial stand-alone units. The RAP units are engineered to be quieter and more powerful, providing exceptional air cleaning in an attractive format.

Technical Characteristics

• 20 lb. activated carbon filter
• Micro-HEPA wrap 99% efficient to 0.1 microns
• Carbonized 10 micron pre-filter
• 350 CFM delivered
• Dimensions: 29” (h) x 12” (d)


• Custom carbon blend
• Wheel Cart

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