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15 Ironclad Reasons to Get an Industrial Air Cleaner

Posted by Julia G on

1 - Good IAQ at the workplace is essential and you know it

office buildingHealth and safety regulations have become an important part of business, and it is up to the employer to make sure workers are protected. Airborne pollutants can be found in every indoor environment and can only be mitigated with source control, ventilation and a good air cleaner. A multi-stage air purifier with granular activated carbon and HEPA removes the widest range of contaminants, even those specific to different industries.

2 - You work with chemicals or substances that release VOCs

Regular exposure to chemicals can be dangerous and the standard ventilation systems may not be enough to prevent exposures. Activated carbon can adsorb VOCs and odors. A carbon filter may be a necessary addition if workers could come into contact with VOCs in paints, coatings, cleaning products, solvents and other common sources of volatile organic compounds.

3 - You take occupational health and safety seriously

Avoid accidents, near-accidents, evacuations and liability concerns. Health and safety regulations require that employers take appropriate measures to minimize risks to workers. An industrial air cleaner can remove a wide range of chemicals and fumes and offer increased protection.

4 - You work in a large office building

air ventMany office ventilation systems fail to provide the appropriate changes of air per hour, which affects productivity and well-being. In many large buildings, windows can’t be opened. A well-placed, free-standing and industrial-strength air cleaner can spread cleaner, more breathable air.

5 - You want to prevent legal action against the company

Many jobs expose workers to potentially harmful substances. Sick workers may seek compensation from the company. Legal costs in the field of SBS-related illnesses include temporary or permanent physical claims, mental distress claims as well as emotional distress claims. Implementing proper health and safety precautions, including an air cleaner, can help keep workers safer and happier.

6 - You or your staff suffer from asthma or respiratory diseases

Asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases are on the rise and affect more than 55% of Americans. An air cleaner with a HEPA filter traps 99.97% of allergens, while a deep-bed carbon filter will remove airborne chemicals that can aggravate or trigger an attack.

7 - You need help fixing IAQ issues at your facility

Sometimes, an IAQ problem may involve soil vapor intrusion, site history and human influence. We will analyze the consulting engineer’s or industrial hygienist’s IAQ report and help you decide on the right air cleaner.

8 - The workplace will be undergoing renovations

Buildings need maintenance, but renovation materials off-gas dangerous chemicals. An efficient, stand-alone air cleaner can remove toxic indoor air pollutants during and after these projects.

9 - You get complaints about odors in the building

Odors can come from many sources, including other businesses in the building, outdoor air quality, chemical management inside and more. Industrial-strength air cleaners with activated carbon and HEPA offer a simple, cost-effective and reliable solution to remove odors and harmful pollutants.

10 - There are signs of water damage in the facility

It could be as simple as a burst pipe, a leak in the building or a flood. Starting 24 to 48 hours after water infiltration, mold often grows, releasing both particles and chemical mycotoxins into the air. The problem needs to be corrected ASAP, but during and after cleanup, an air cleaner with carbon + HEPA + UV provides cleaner air.

11 - You work near a major road or highway

traffic jamCars, trucks and other motorized vehicles spew pollutants into the air -- which often make their way into buildings or workplaces, where they can build up and threaten workplace health. When regular ventilation systems fail to provide adequate air exchanges, the right air purifier will remove dangerous chemicals, fumes, particles and other airborne toxins.


12 - You work near a fire zone

Forest fires or wildfires have a big impact on air quality near and far away. The air quality issues associated with fires include fine particles, airborne chemicals and odors that can stay airborne for a long time and affect homes and workplaces in the area.


13 - There is welding being done in your space

TIG and arc welding operations, soldering applications, light manufacturing and light plastic welding all produce chemical and particle pollution that is not only a health risk for the welder but also for people working and living closeby. The best precautions involve personal protective gear, a stellar ventilation system and source capture air cleaning units.

14 - You want to increase productivity

Constant exposure to airborne contaminants and failure to act often leads to poor productivity and low morale among workers. According to the EPA, “poor indoor air is estimated to cost the nation (USA) tens of billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and countless hours of illness and discomfort.”

15 - You want to combat absenteeism

man blowing his noseSee above. Whenever workers are exposed to harmful pollutants that affect their health, they may have to stay home more often and for longer periods of time to recover. Prevention is always best, with proper source control, ventilation and air cleaning.


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