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One of the world’s oldest and largest industries, pulp and paper mills produce 9 million tons of pulp annually according to the U.S. EPA. They are also responsible for 26 billion newspapers, magazines and books. With approximately 565 facilities and over 200,000 employees across 42 states in the U.S. alone, the pulp and paper mill industry is a huge part of the American economy and our everyday lives.

Pulp and paper mills are responsible for emitting some pretty harsh chemicals; most manufacturers work with methanol, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, manganese compounds and sulfuric acid in large amounts and on a daily basis. Each of these chemical solvents releases airborne toxins that can have serious side effects on plant and paper mill workers as well as the environment surrounding the pulp and paper mill. For example, if sulfuric acid is not properly filtered through air purification ducts and is released into the atmosphere, in its aerosol form sulfuric acid is a major component of acid rain. So, while the need for pulp and paper mills will never diminish, the toxins released in the air by their procedures needs to be.

To properly control airborne toxins in pulp and paper mills, proper air purification systems must be put in place. Electrocorp has IAQ solutions that are both efficient and affordable for all manufacturing types. For room-to-room ventilation (filtering the air from a contaminated room and pushing clean air into another or out into the atmosphere) the SSU module air scrubber is ideal. This system can also be used to scrub the air in the room and keep the clean are circulating in the same space. Pulp and paper mills can be compared to chemical processing plants in that they use reagents and solvents on a daily basis. While these products may be used in liquid form, they eventually off-gas or vaporize and must be properly handled through sufficient air filtration units equipped with deep-bed activated carbon and medical-grade HEPA filtration media like units from Electrocorp

RAP Series

  • 18 lbs. of carbon
  • Micro-HEPA Wrap 99% efficient to 0.1 microns
  • Carbonized 10 micron pre-filter
  • 50 to 160 CFM delivered
  • Dimensions: 23.5" x 15"
  • 30, 60, 120 or 240 lbs. of carbon for heavy chemical control
  • Medical-grade HEPA filter 99.97% efficient to 0.3 microns (on H or CCH units only)
  • 50 - 1650 CFM delivered
  • UV Capsule
  • Caddy wheels


  • Up to 576 lbs. of activated carbon
  • Up to 3 three-layer fillter banks
  • 10-micron particulate filter
  • Dimensions: 88"(h)x39"(w)x39"(l)
  • Sound level: 81 dB
  • 1000 - 5000 CFM delivered
  • HEPA only or Carbon+HEPA
  • Custom carbon blends
  • Caster wheels