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Industrial air cleaners and air filtration systems for the workplace

Electrocorp Air Filtration Systems is a global innovator in chemical, odor and particle control and produces the most efficient and powerful air cleaners for industrial and commercial use.

Established in 1985, Electrocorp offers one of the most comprehensive lines of industrial air cleaners and air filtration equipment.

Known for their powerful multistage filtration systems with deep beds of activated carbon, the largest chemical-adsorbent surfaces, custom carbon blends, advanced HEPA particle filters and UV technology, Electrocorp air cleaners can tackle virtually any indoor air quality concerns at the workplace.

The high-performance industrial air cleaners provide versatile and effective solutions for hundreds of airborne chemicals and odors, including disinfectants, diesel fumes, welding fumes, industrial wastes, medicinal odors, ozone, smoke and many more.

Industrial and commercial applications

Every business is unique, and Electrocorp knows that every IAQ challenge is just as unique. Our air quality experts will help you choose the right air cleaner based on the size of your space, your IAQ concerns, your existing technology, your industry and your budget.

Electrocorp's efficient, stand-alone and versatile air cleaners as well as custom-built air filtration systems provide cleaner air for a wide range of industries and applications, including:

Cost-effective, industrial-strength air cleaners

Electrocorp odor controllers and industrial air purifiers feature smart design solutions that provide the most efficient balance of performance, safety, quality and price to maximize your investment.

Our air cleaners feature a simple yet effective cleaning system with the most relevant filtration media available at the most advantageous price - guaranteed. That means more efficient, more reliable units that require less maintenance.

Customized units

Electrocorp can provide customized air cleaning solutions for virtually any industrial IAQ problem.

Our in-house technical design team also offers custom modifications, accessories and custom-built units for large-scale applications or heavy odor industries.

Advantages of Electrocorp air cleaners:

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Air cleaners for a better workplace environment

Electrocorp's industrial air cleaners remove indoor air pollutants quickly and efficiently

Not sure you need an industrial-strength air cleaner in your workplace? Fact is, most offices, work stations and workshops could become much healthier and cleaner with a simple, cost-effective air filtration system from Electrocorp.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you may need an air cleaner at work:

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1) You care about the air quality in the workplace

Airborne pollutants can be found in every indoor environment and can only be mitigated with source control and an industrial air cleaner, starting as low as $700. An air cleaner from Electrocorp can remove a wide range of the contaminants and VOCs coming from construction materials, paints, glues, electronic equipment, large format printers, chemical solutions, harsh cleaning products, and more. Many indoor environments suffer from active mold growth due to excessive moisture, poor ventilation and other IAQ concerns specific to different industries (for example formaldehyde fumes in beauty salons, labs and funeral homes, fine dust particles in woodworking stations, VOCs in printing rooms and print shops, bacteria and viruses in healthcare settings, toluene, xylene and other chemicals in auto body shops and garages etc). Electrocorp offers air cleaners that can address these IAQ concerns.

2) You work with chemicals

Whether you work in a laboratory, a print shop, in art conservation, laser engraving or cutting, law enforcement or with materials that can release volatile organic compounds into the air, regular exposure to certain chemicals can be dangerous and the standard ventilation systems and fume hoods may not be enough to scrub the air clean. An air cleaner with many pounds of activated carbon and a large adsorbent surface area is the only proven and trusted method to remove chemicals and odors.

3) You are concerned about workplace safety

Even with the MSDS for each chemical and the application of stringent safety measures, workers often have to deal with unexpected reactions and fumes when unfamiliar chemicals interact. Avoid accidents, near-accidents and evacuations. An industrial air cleaner can remove a wide range of chemicals and fumes at the source and offer increased protection. Electrocorp also offers air cleaners that can be attached to existing HVAC or ventilation systems.

4) You work in a very large office

If the ventilation in large-area offices cannot handle the appropriate changes of air per hour to provide workers with fresh outdoor air, it can negatively affect their productivity and well-being. New "green" offices and better air quality have been shown to boost productivity and reduce health-related absenteeism. A well-placed, free-standing and industrial-strength air cleaner is often enough to resolve the problem.

5) You want to avoid legal action against the company

It's happened time and again: Workers exposed to dangerous chemicals or gases develop chronic or debilitating symptoms, hire legal help and seek compensation from the company. Court proceedings are costly, damaging to the company's reputation and may have ramifications at all levels of the company, especially upper management. Implementing proper health and safety precautions, including a portable air cleaner or an HVAC-compatible air cleaner, can help keep workers safer, productive and happy.

6) You or your staff suffer from asthma, or other respiratory problems

Reports show that exposure to agents such as wood dust, paint fumes, solvents, latex and baking flour triggers thousands of new cases of asthma every year in susceptible workers. If someone's respiratory system is already compromised, an air cleaner is a must-have tool in any workplace. An air cleaner with a HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of all allergens, while a deep-bed carbon filter will remove the widest range of airborne chemicals, gases and odors, which may also aggravate or trigger an attack.

7) You don't know how to fix the IAQ problems at the facility

Enlisting the help of a consulting engineer or industrial hygienist is a great first step, but they may only tell you what the problem is or they may not specify the best way (or unit) to fix it. Don't go out and buy the wrong air cleaner. Get the facts first! At Electrocorp, we will analyze the air quality report and tell you exactly which air cleaner you need. We offer custom-built air cleaners for virtually any IAQ problem.

8) You're planning to renovate the workplace

Renovations at the workplace can be chaotic, time consuming, and they can introduce many pollutants into the air. Materials such as paint, new carpeting, flooring, wall-coverings, wood products, glues and varnishes all off-gas chemicals which may have serious short and long term health consequences. Many buildings have been erected with asbestos containing materials. Electrocorp offers highly efficient, stand-alone air cleaners that can remove the widest range of indoor air pollutants while these projects are going on. Call us for more information.

9) Your building has odor problems

It could be a problem with the ventilation system; or the odors may come from many different sources and they are too much to handle for a common HVAC system. Strong smells can be distracting, annoying or bad for your health. Industrial-strength air cleaners with activated carbon and HEPA are the simple, cost-effective and reliable solution to remove persistent odors and harmful pollutants.

10) You see signs of water damage in your facility

Unsightly water stains may not be the only consequence of a broken pipe or leaking roof somewhere. After 24 to 48 hours, chances are you also have mold, which releases both particles and chemical mycotoxins into the air. Depending on the level of exposure, the health effects of mold can range from allergic reactions to serious illness for susceptible workers. An air cleaner with carbon + HEPA + UV germicidal filtration helps remove dangerous mold contaminants during the mitigation process and will help clean the air afterwards.

Electrocorp is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial air cleaners that are used by industries worldwide. For more information and questions regarding your specific industry, try searching by industry application or contact one of our air quality experts.