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Libraries and archival institutions are meant to keep history alive for future generations to explore and learn from. However, they often harbor more than just information. Libraries and archive rooms are breeding grounds for mold; they are usually loaded with dust particles and other harmful airborne toxins and should not be dismissed when considering IAQ (indoor air quality).

Books are breading grounds for mold. Moisture is often trapped in the pages of older, antique books and becomes the perfect place for mold to grow and live. Mold spores spread around the library or archival institute and can infect other books and documents with mold growth. To eliminate the possibility of mold infection and the inevitable destruction of the books or documents with mold growth, proper ventilation is the key. If a book or document is extremely delicate, rare or one-of-a-kind, then a hermetically sealed casing should be considered for both the protection of the book/document and those who need to work with it and touch it. Paper, both pulp paper and rice paper, is porous and therefore capable of containing mold and volatile organic compounds.

To protect both staff members and books/documents in libraries and archives, consider the benefits of an Electrocorp air purifier that can easily be integrated into the duct system that already exists in the building. For more severe cases of mold growth that already exists, or a delicate artifact, consider a ceiling-mounted unit with an available 30 lbs of carbon, a tar-trapping smoke filter and medical-grade HEPA. The 9400 Ceiling Mount is the efficient, smart way to ensure the IAQ of libraries and archival rooms are maintained. Larger units can be integrated into already existing ducting systems to properly scrub the air of mold spores and other airborne toxins.

I-6500 Series

  • 80 lb. refillable activated carbon filter
  • 12" deep medical-grade HEPA filter 99.97% efficient to 0.3 microns
  • Particle and dust pre-filter
  • 750 to 1000 CFM delivered
  • Dimensions: 70" x 24.5" x 21"
  • 160 lb. activated carbon filter with a particle and dust filters
  • 12" gel sealed medical-grade HEPA
  • 2 Medical-grade HEPA filters (12"X12")
  • 1500 CFM / 1 speed 230 V / 60 Hz
  • Square or round flange available

9400 Ceiling Mount

  • Filtration system: 15 lb. carbon filter, tar-trapping smoke filter, medical-grade HEPA, pleated post filter
  • Dimensions: 16" (h) x 19.75"(w) x 16.5" (D)
  • Operating weight: 80 lbs.
  • CFM: 180 Delivered
  • Decibels: 55-75 dB
  • Carbon: 15 lbs.
  • Maneuverability: Stationary unit