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Effective air quality management has become vital for the entertainment, food and beverage industry. Not only does the success of an establishment hinge on creating a clean and inviting atmosphere, but businesses with poor air quality open themselves up to costly health-related employee litigation.

Electrocorp air purification systems go beyond removing common airborne particles and allergens. With our exclusive deep-bed carbon air filters and proprietary carbon blends, Electrocorp air filtration systems remove the complex odors, cigarette smoke, cigar “haze”, VOC’s and bacteria that other systems leave behind.

At Electrocorp, we also realize that different businesses have different air quality challenges, that’s why our units are designed to be fully customized to meet your needs. Contact one of our air quality experts today to discuss how an Electrocorp air filtration system can add value to your business.

Facts to consider:

9400 Ceiling Mount

  • Filtration system: 15 lb. carbon filter, tar-trapping smoke filter, medical-grade HEPA, pleated post filter
  • Dimensions: 16" (h) x 19.75"(w) x 16.5" (D)
  • Operating weight: 80 lbs.
  • CFM: 180 Delivered
  • Decibels: 55-75 dB
  • Carbon: 15 lbs.
  • Maneuverability: Stationary unit

5000 Series

  • 18 lb. carbon filter, 2.5" depth
  • Medical-Grade HEPA
  • Easy-clean pre-filter
  • Carbon Canister Wraps
  • 400 CFM
  • Dimensions: 20.5" x 15"
  • UV technology
  • Exclusive carbon blends to target specific airborne pollutants
  • Deeper 3" or 3.5" carbon bed for heavy chemical control
  • Available in Black, Sandstone, White, Pewter, Red, Copper, Silver, Glossy Black