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Woodworking & Wood Shops Air Cleaning

Woodworking wood-shops air cleaning purification

Clean the Air and Remove Air Quality Dangers Present in Wood Shops

Veteran woodworkers know the obvious dangers of working in wood shops -from noise levels to dangers tools, woodworking poses serious hazards. Proper safety equipment (helmet, goggles, gloves, boots) must be worn at all times, however, there isn’t a piece of a equipment woodworkers can wear to protect their lungs and keep clean air circulating in their wood shops.

Risks of the trade are well-known, as far as bodily injuries go, but little is known about the health hazards associated with woodworking and wood shops. Wood dust, mold and fungus, sap and oils, chemical additives, and toxic solvents and adhesives can cause respiratory damage to woodworkers. Wearing a face mask often isn’t enough to stop the airborne toxins from causing illness in the woodworkers.

Wood dust is a carcinogen. Long-term exposure to wood dust can lead to serious health complications like dermatitis, mucosal and non-respiratory effects, allergies and even cancer. When using circular saws, band saws, sanders, jointers, shapers, routers, lathes and planers/moulders it is important that woodworkers have proper ventilation set up for clean air in their wood shops. While each woodworking tool is unique, the air purification system in place can be encompassing to suit all applications.

Clean air is so important, especially when working in an environment as volatile as a woodshop. It’s also important to note that a simple air filter would not suffice. Filters would become clogged quickly. With a special bag filter option designed for large particle filtration, Electrocorp products are well equipped to work in environments with heavy sawdust or drywall dust. The bag filters are easy to clean and reusable. This is an excellent option for situations where a HEPA filter would become blocked too quickly to be effective.