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VOG Fire & Smoke Industrial Air Purification

VOG volcano chemicals air purification system

Air Purification Smoke VOG Volcano Chemicals 

Neutralizing powerful odors and chemicals emitted by smoke requires an equally powerful air cleaner. Electrocorp is the industry leader in air filtration solutions for all types of smoke pollution including:

  • Cigar smoke
  • Tobacco smoke
  • VOG (volcanic smog)
  • Industrial fire-ovens
  • Welding and soldering

Our industrial air cleaners are designed with an exclusive multi-stage filtration system that features medical-grade particle filters and the deepest carbon bed filters. The depth of our carbon bed provides better adsorption of harmful chemicals, gases and odors, while medical-grade HEPA traps fine particles. Units can also be purchased with an exclusive tar-trapping pre-filter that protects and extends the life of the particle filter. We also carry over 40 proprietary carbon blends that are enhanced to better adsorb specific, complex chemicals like those found in VOG and tobacco smoke. For unparalleled air cleaning power, contact an air quality expert today for a customized recommendation.