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RAP 24 Air Scrubber 2000 CFM

Customizable Industrial Air Cleaning

Depending on your needs, the RAP 24 Air Scrubber can be be customized for chemical and odor control, particle control or both.

The RAP 24 Air Scrubber is a 2000 CFM unit comes with (2 x 30 lbs) 60 lbs of Activated Carbon Filters, Micro HEPA filters, and Tar Trapping Pre-filters.

Electrocorp's radial air purifiers are the next generation in industrial/commercial stand-alone units. RAP's are engineered to be quieter and more powerful, providing exceptional air cleaning with 360 degree air intake, protected with a welded steel mesh cage, for harsh environments.

The RAP 24 series air purifiers are available in the following models, UV-C is an option that can be added to any unit. 

RAP 24 HEPA: (Medical Grade True HEPA H13) & Tar Trapping Pre-filters

RAP 24 CC: (2 x 30 lbs) 60 lbs Activated Carbon Filters, Super HEPA Filters, Tar Trapping Pre-Filters)

RAP 24 CCH: (Medical Grade True HEPA H13), (2 x 30 lbs) 60 lbs Activated Carbon Filters, & Tar Trapping Pre-Filters)


  • No tools required to service
  • 360º air intake
  • Air which has already been heated or cooled remains in the room 
  • Refillable carbon cartridge
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Variable speed for comfort control

Technical Characteristics

• 15 lb. to 120 lb. activated carbon filter
• Micro-HEPA wrap 99% efficient to 0.1 microns
• Carbonized 10 micron pre-filter
• 170 - 1800 CFM delivered
• Dimensions: 36” (h) x 22” (d)

• Medical-grade HEPA filter 99.97% efficient to 0.3 microns
• Up to1850 CFM delivered
• UV-C Bulb
• Strong Caddy wheels

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