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RSU Series

Capture Larger Particles with Large Volume Air Intake

Electrocorp’s Radial Scrub Unit (RSU) series is easily recognizable with its trademark blue wrap-around electrostatic particle filter on the outside to capture larger particles and allow for large volume air intake. It marks one of the most trusted and versatile air cleaning series on the market, with units that can be used for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Positive and negative air configuration are available. 

This model series of industrial air purifiers features a deep-bed activated carbon filter for the removal of chemicals, gases and odors as well as an electrostatic particle filter. The powerful carbon + Super HEPA combination and the large-volume air intake allow these air cleaners to capture odors and  pollutants quickly and efficiently.

RSU air cleaners can accommodate between 18 and 360 pounds of activated carbon as well as different carbon blends. They are available in different sizes and feature an extensive adsorbent surface area. The units are portable, free-standing, plug-and-go air purifiers with a round design for maximum efficiency.  

Users can easily change the air flow according to preference. The RSU will clean the air and then recirculate it in the room. A popular air cleaning solution for clients who need reliable chemical, particle and odor control.

The RSU series are relied upon for odor and VOC removal by a broad range of industries. RSUs are presently operating in prison armories where weapons are cleaned, chemical laboratories, and a multitude of manufacturing companies where people must work with high concentrations of VOCs such as Xylene, Toluene, Benzene, Chlorine, Cyclohexanone, MEK and MPK. The RSU(Radial Scrub Unit) Space SaverTM Series is cylindrical in shape and, depending on model, has a footprint of only 14 inches. This is a ductless, re-circulating air scrubber with built-in casters so it can be easily rolled around on your floor. It has a 360 degree air-in draw, and is efficient in removing approximately 90% of all gas phase contaminants (VOCs) per air pass. It filters the air of dust and contaminant gases, then ejects the cleaned air out the top of the unit to the ceiling. The gentle ceiling to floor air pressure generated by the RSU creates the correct form of air movement needed to force heavier than air VOCs toward the floor to then be captured as they are drawn through the RSU carbon cartridge.

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