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Industrial Odor Control Solutions

industrial odor control solutions air purifiers

Treating Complex Industrial Chemicals, Odors and Particles

Industrial air scrubbing requires superior filtration media and reliable expertise. Electrocorp’s air quality specialists can customize a solution to help you meet and exceed OSHA, EPA and State regulations, as well as improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Our units can be made-to-order with up to 2000 lbs. of activated carbon and/or powerful particle filtration ideal for problem fumes, odors, smoke, dust and larger particles.

The I-6500 series is designed for serious air filtration in commercial and industrial facilities. Available with several filtration options, these units can be configured for removing significant volumes of chemicals, gases and odors or exceptional particle control. Free-standing units and ducted systems available.

The AirRhino is the most versatile air cleaner of its kind, offering significant value over traditional air cleaners. With interchangeable carbon and HEPA filters, easily convert your AirRhino from a rugged chemical, gas and odor scrubber to a powerful particle machine, right on site. Smaller footprint available. Negative air ready.

Electrocorp’s RSU series offers advanced industrial air scrubbing and significant business value. They work to thoroughly clean then recirculate air providing exceptional savings over exhausting systems. Units can be used as stand-alone air cleaners or can be ducted directly to process machinery for source capture.