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Fume Extractor Series Air Scrubbers

Fume extractor and gases air cleaning purification

A Source Capture Fume and Gas Extractor 

Electrocorp’s fume extractors offer a high-draw solution to smoke and fumes at the workstation, with a spark arrestor for welding operations. The portable air cleaners feature articulating flex source capture arms and source capture attachments as well as a multistage filtration system with HEPA and a deep-bed, heavy-duty activated carbon filter to remove harmful airborne chemicals, vapors, fumes and smoke directly at the source. They provide an extra layer of protection against gases and chemicals that become a serious occupational health and safety hazard.

The fume extractors can be used in a wide range of industries, including art conservation, museums, art restoration, beauty salons and spas, schools and universities, among others, but they have originally been designed for welding and soldering applications, especially MIG, TIG, arc and robotic welding. They make a cost-effective and efficient addition in steel fabrication shops, manufacturing operations, truck and body shops, equipment operations, aircraft welding, shipyards, welding fabrication centers, soldering, light manufacturing and light plastic welding operations, among others.

The fume extractor air cleaners offer a cost-effective air treatment solution in any environment where fumes and vapors are of concern. Ask about our air cleaner with two source-capture arms and our exclusive custom carbon blends for targeted adsorption of specific contaminants.

Electrocorp Source Capture Systems:

  •    Remove dangerous fumes before they become part of the ambient air
  •    Eliminate the need for costly air makeup systems
  •    Improve overall shop or workplace air quality
  •    Meet OSHA regulations on hexavalent chromium levels with Super      Organic HEPA
  • Adsorb more airborne chemicals with the deepest activated carbon beds available