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Facility Management Air Scrubbers

facility management air cleaning solutions

Air Quality Filtration Solutions for Facility Management

The role of today’s facility managers has evolved to include a wide range of complex business functions and significant expectations for levels of service and business value. The proliferation of environmental regulations and litigation has forced facility managers to implement systems that guarantee the safety of all who enter the premises. Indoor air quality is not only directly tied to occupant health and satisfaction, but has become a marketable tool to attract quality tenants and increase return on investment.

Electrocorp air filtration systems provide simple, cost-effective solutions to meet and exceed regulations and enhance a property’s environmental initiatives. Our wide range of units feature advanced, proven technologies including deep-bed activated carbon, medical-grade HEPA and UV filtration to treat airborne chemicals, gases, odors and particles.

Facts About Building IAQ

  • Most buildings were not commissioned with IAQ in mind
  • Code complaint general ventilation systems are not designed to adequately protect occupants from airborne contaminants
  • Outdoor air ventilation systems assume that outdoor air is cleaner than indoor air, often drawing in serious pollutants which are insufficiently treated
  • Poor IAQ is a significant legal liability with long term economic consequences

Why Electrocorp?

  • Cost-effective, reliable technology
  • Meet and exceed LEED criteria
  • Energy efficient, low maintenance
  • Easily integrated as stand-alone units or into existing HVAC systems
  • Deepest carbon beds available for superior filtration of chemicals, gases and odors
  • Advanced particle filtration
  • Superior expertise to accurately identify and solve IAQ issues

“IAQ affects occupant health, comfort, productivity, and in some cases even building usability, all of which can have significant economic impacts for owners, facility managers, and building occupants…IAQ should never be considered a mere afterthought.”

-Andrew Persily, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers)