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Dental Labs Air Purification

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Air Cleaning Purify Air for Dental Laboratories

Dental clinics are seen as sterile, clean environments. Great care is taken to clean dental tools and equipment for both the health and well being of the patient and the dental workers. However, the air in the clinic is often forgotten. A dental environment has the potential to contain anesthetic gases, chemical fumes, dental materials and even pathogenic microorganisms aerosolized from the patient, dental staff and equipment they use.

Electrocorp air purification systems offer an affordable, low-maintenance solution to indoor air quality issues associated with dental work. Units can be easily integrated into already existing ventilation systems or used as stand-alone room air cleaners to stop the transmissions of infections, toxins or carcinogenic agents.

Our superior filtration systems remove more pollutants than comparable units with deeper activated carbon filters that treat airborne chemicals and odors and are equipped with medical-grade HEPA or Micro-HEPA.

There are no specific guidelines to follow in regards to ventilation in dental clinics, so take the first step to making your clinic a safe environment for your staff and patients by investing in a high-performing quality air purification system from the experts, Electrocorp.