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“One of the best investments for the evidence technicians…”
“The unit we use, Model RSU48CC Carbon Cartridge Space Saver Series Air Scrubber, has been one of the best investments for the evidence technicians in the evidence vault. With the odors of drugs, especially marijuana, this system removes the odors and smell of different types of evidence for all personnel handling the evidence in and around the vault. Being able to replace the filters and carbon is an easy process for the evidence technicians. I would recommend these air scrubbers to evidence room technicians.”
Tim Karp
New Hanover County Sheriff's Office, Crime Scene Investigation
Castle Hayne, NC

“My problems almost immediately cleared up”
“Just wanted to give a testimony concerning the equipment (Air Medic) I have been using since 2007.  I began as Property Officer (Waxahachie, Texas) in 2006 and immediately started having upper respiratory problems for approximately nine months.  After purchasing two of the Air Medics, my problems almost immediately cleared up and have never returned.”
Jerry Mc Lemore
Public Safety Officer
Waxahachie Police Department, Texas

“We noticed a difference within an hour”
“We love this machine. We noticed a difference in the air within an hour. Fresh, clean does not get any better than that! BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.” 
Evert Fine Art Gallery
Los Angeles

“The air quality has improved immensely”
“I am writing to inform you of how satisfied I am with the air filter system that your company sold to Duffy’s Bar. The air quality has improved immensely and our clients have mentioned that there is a noticeable difference. Thank you, again.”
Brant Read
Owner, Duffy’s Bar

“A wonderful component to our lab safety”
“We have been using the 5000 series Vocarb air cleaner from AllerAir for almost five years in our painting studios at Texas Tech University. They have been a wonderful component to our lab safety and air quality for our students. The air cleaners are quiet, powerful, and the filters are easily changed. They do a terrific job at filtering out the air toxins in our painting studios.”
Christie Blizard
Assistant Professor of Painting
Texas Tech University

“Headaches and fatigue were greatly reduced”
“When our organization opened our office in the old GE plant, in Barrie, the air quality in the building was very poor. There was little air circulation and our staff was experiencing headaches, fatigue and various other discomforts related to the air quality. We definitely needed to find a solution to this serious problem. After examining a few different options, we tried one of your air purifiers. After having the unit in the office for a couple of weeks we definitely noticed a difference in the air quality. The staff indicated that the headaches and the fatigue that they were experiencing were greatly reduced. I would recommend the use of this purifier to anyone who is experiencing the same problems in air quality.”
Kathy Willis
Executive Director, Huronia Transition Homes

“The mold spore concentration dropped substantially”
“Upon using the 5000 Pro Exec on a mold remediation claim, our readings showed the mold spore concentration dropped substantially. Our initial tests showed mold concentration levels of 53,655 spores/m3 before any mold remediation attempts were made. Once the mold remediation was started and the 5000 Pro Exec machine ran for approximately 36 hours, a second test showed mold concentration levels had dropped to 1,641 spores/m3. We found the machine very successful in decreasing mold counts and would not hesitate to recommend this machine for such mold remediation projects. Our company will continue to use the 5000 Pro Exec on similar jobs in the future.”
Jim DeAveiro
General Manager, Servicemaster of Mississauga

“Major improvement in the health of the care giving personnel”
“When we decided to improve the air quality in our day center, we purchased an air purifier on the advice of personnel at the Lung Association. There was such a major improvement in the health of the care giving personnel as well as the children at the center, the directors decided to buy eight more units (one for each class). We are more than completely satisfied with the results of these purifiers and would highly recommend these units to anyone with children in their charge.”
Suzanne Latreille

“Extremely pleased with the units”
“We use two units in an in vitro fertilization program and need to filter out biological and particular matter and odors (airborne organics). We routinely test the lab for biological contaminates (bacteria) using culture techniques, and particulate materials by microscopy examination. While we do not test for airborne organics per se, their effect on the culture of our embryos would be readily apparent if there was a problem. Since we started using the units we have had no problems with airborne interference with culture and have had no positive tests for bacterial contaminates. While we still have minor dust problems (which come from our house air supply) they have been greatly reduced by having the freestanding filtration units in the room (I would estimate about an 80-90% reduction). Overall, we are extremely pleased with the units.”
Dr. Sam Prien
Texas Tech University