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Why choose Electrocorp?

Air quality solutions that maximize your investment

There are thousands of air quality issues, but only one solution provider that consistently offers more filtration media with the most efficient balance of performance, price, safety and quality. Our extensive expertise and smart, versatile designs result in more reliable products that solve your air quality issue and maximize your investment.

We solve the chemical and odor problems that other units can’t solve

No one understands chemical and odor abatement like we do. That’s why we consistently provide more filtration media than our competitors. Simply put, more filtration media means a more efficient solution.

Smarter particle filtration

Looking for particle only filtration or a combination of chemical, odor and particle abatement? Our units feature the highest quality medical-grade and industry-rated HEPA filters combined with smart features, like pre-filters that help prevent clogging and extend the life of the main filters. We also carry an extensive line of powerful bag filters for large particles.

The Electrocorp Advantage:

  • More filtration media for your money
  • Simple, smart designs for more reliable units
  • In -house design and manufacturing for customized solutions help to maintain high quality standards
  • The most efficient balance of performance, safety, quality and price
  • Unparalleled expertise in chemical and odor control
  • Exclusive blends of activated carbon media to better treat specific chemical and odor issues
  • Higher quality particle filtration media
  • Value-enhanced products that offer unique job site versatility (change from particle abatement to chemical abatement on-site)

The highest quality filtration media, favored by government regulators OSHA, the EPA and LEED